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    Are you a part of an organization that uses fundraising to raise money? Ochsenbine Custom Apparel will provide a discount to all Fundraising Groups to help them raise money for their cause! We offer 2 great packages, and both include the following:

    • Free Quote: determine your group's ideal profit margin
    • Free Delivery: within the Belmont County, Ohio area
    • Free Digital Design
    • Free Order Form: 50 free customized for your fundraiser
    • Free Online Website for Package 1
    • Reduced Setup Fee
    • Reduced Custom Graphic Fee
    • No deposit
    • Sizes: S-XL (2XL-4XL available for additional fee)
    • Brand Choice of: Gildan, Port and Company, Next Level, Bella Canvas, and more!
    • Shirt Color: Wide array of colors
    • Styles: T-Shirts, Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, and more!
    • Fun and Easy to do!

    Package 1: Raise Funds to Make Funds!

    Simple Fundraiser Math

    This is our Number One Most Famous package. This allows the fundraisee to collect orders through traditional Paper Order forms and also through our new Website! This package also includes:

    • Take orders using traditional Paper Order forms
    • Take orders Online!
    • Orders will be bundled and packaged per individual order

    Package 2: Purchase for Profit!


    This package is tailored for those who want to buy a set amount of items and re-sell them to make a profit. Simply figure up how many t-shirts in each size you would need, place your order, then re-sell! This package also includes

    • Minimum order of 2 dozen required
    • Itemized sales form

    Peace of Mind Fundraising

    • Individually Packaged Orders For every individual order, we pack them in their own bag. This ensures we have printed exactly what you ordered, and you receive everything you ordered!
    • Online tracking of your Fundraiser. See real-time statistics of how your fundraiser is performing, and see who has ordered what!
    • Free Delivery Just like our normal t-shirt orders, fundraisers also get Free Delivery anywhere 15 miles around the St. Clairsville area!!
    • Fundraiser Statistics That's right, Fundraiser Statistics! No more guesswork on how much money you spent or raised! The statistic sheet also has your most popular graphic (if you had multiple), most popular sizes, and notes on any orders.